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Parks and gardens, churches, beaches, meditation groups, "challenge mSpots" and more. mSpot is the perfect tool for finding the calm amid the clutter for your daily meditation. Valuable for finding quiet meditation spots during your lunch breaks, work trips and vacations. Rate, review and share mSpots with the global meditation community.

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About Damian J Watson.

Damian has been meditating since 2009 and is passionate about finding and sharing the best public places in the world to meditate.

His quest began when he started meditating during his lunch breaks when he worked in the hustle and bustle of central London. He would seek out the `calm amid the clutter` and find new and interesting quiet zones suitable for lunchtime meditations.

The search continued during European getaways to destinations such as Italy, Malta, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Norway and continues to this day in his hometown of Melbourne and recently adopted home of Finland.

Damian is a qualified Personal Trainer and voiceover artist. He currently works full-time for Eevia Health, a Finnish life-science company who provide natural ingredients sourced from the pristine Nordic wilderness to nutraceutical, cosmetic and food & beverage companies. Whilst mSpot is currently a fun 'side-project' for Damian, his dream is to one day pursue mSpot on a full-time basis to uncover and share the best mSpots in the world.

damian(at)mspot(dot)info     +358 (0) 405 521 892

About Damien B Watson.

Damien has over 20 years experience in graphic design and web development, adding to this over the last few years mobile app development.
He has been actively spending 'quiet time' through the day since back in the 90's, so partnering with Damian in his vision of connecting the global meditation community through the use of technology just makes sense.
Damien has a passion for the user experience and interface, or apps that are just plain easy to use. If there is a better or more organic way of achieving something, he is always ready to listen and evolve. Melbourne Australia is home base, but anywhere with a powerpoint works.